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Convenience and Caring

Imagine the convenience of having a skilled clinician come to you. No jumping onto a bus. No waiting time. No rush. Someone to answer your questions and help you navigate a challenging time. 

Our services include:
Dr- Rafael and Patient

"One of my professors once told me that the single most important quality that a physician should have is to be caring. This is who I am, we truly care about our patients and family, I go above and beyond to make them feel important, to preserve their dignity, to respect their choices and what is important to them." 

Dr Rafael Hernández

For Patients

Domus Care Solutions guides patients on a one to one basis to make the process of dealing with illnesses easier. Our in-home model not only reduces the patients’s physical stress, it also improves mental health and makes it easy to get the care you need, when you need it.

For Physicians

Physicians and Domus Care share one common goal: to provide the highest quality care to its patients. Paired with advances in technology, both Domus Care Solutions and health institutions can ease the burden of in-facility visits while reducing costs.

For Health Plans

Each Domus Care Solutions team is led by a certified palliative care doctor who engage inspecialized practices for the care of home patients who face serious illnesses. Our goal is to help the patient at every stage of this difficult process, with a highly qualified staff.

We are your solution

By choosing to work with Domus Care Solutions you are choosing to work with an experienced team of individuals, who will focus on quality patient care with an eye towards the patient’s goals of care and who will ensure that all care is coordinated and cost effective.

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